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    • Small and medium businesses (both corporations and individuals included) operating for less than 7 years
    • Venture businesses defined under Act on Special Measures for the Promotion of Venture Businesses


      1. Lodging and restaurant business
      2. Financial and insurance business
      3. Real estate business
      4. Dance hall business
      5. Golf course and ski resort business
      6. Casino business
      7. Barbers and beauty parlors businesses, public bath and similar     businesses, and other service business
      8. Other non-manufacturing businesses under 'Order of the Ministry of     Commerce, Industry, and Energy.

    • Purchase of new issues or payment in equities
    • Convertible bonds (CB) and bonds with warrant (BW)
    • Sponsoring contracts for special projects such as video and audio productions or development of new products (HVIC takes a share of the proceeds)


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