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       Date  : 2000. 6. 1
       Fund Size : \ 10 bil.
       Term : 5 yrs (can be extended by members' consensus)


Member Amount of Contribution Contribution quota
Management investor HVIC \ 4 bil. 40.0 %  
Special Investor Hyundai and Communication Ministry (MIC) \ 3 bil. 30.0 %  
Regular Investor Hyundai Capital \ 1 bil. 10.0 %  
Regular Investor K. O. Needles \ 1 bil. 10.0 %  
Regular Investor Pacific Corporation \ 0.3 bil. 3.0 %  
Regular Investor Hyundai Financing Corporation \ 0.4 bil. 4.0 %  
Regular Investor Individual investors \ 0.3 bil. 3.0 %  
Total   \ 10 bil. 100.0 %  


       Investment analysts
        - Independent
                   : Dr. Han Mun-hee, Yu Hyo-sang (CEO)
                  - HIVC
                   : Choi Hong-suk (Chief of team).

    <Investment Review Team>

    Dr. Han Mun-hee (CEO of Proteogen)

    Doctorate in Seoul National Univ. and Florida State Univ.
    Assistant professor at Minnesota State Univ.
    Director of Genetic Engineering Institute and senior member of the life science dept. at Minnesota State Univ.
    Managing director of the natural science dept. at the Korea Academy of Science and Technology
    Advisor on life science at the Presidential Council on Science and Technology The Chairmen of Korea Bio-venture Company Association

    Chariman Yu Hyo-sang (CEO of Interventure Corp., lecturer of Graduate School of Small Business at Sunsil Univ.)

    Master's degrees in Yonsei Univ. and Sokang Univ.Economics doctorate in Hankook University of Foreign Studies
    Chief of Technology Team of Samsung Corp. in charge of technology transfer and venture capital
    Director of Planning Office of Tongyang GlobalCEO of Iljin Venture Capital


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